Sep 19, 2016

OpenVPN® Client Setup for OpenWrt Chaos Calmer | VPN So, let’s get started with the OpenWrt configuration. I. Generate OpenVPN® client settings in User Office . The very first step before setting up VPN on your OpenWrt Chaos Calmer router is creating manual configuration files. In this regard, please follow a few simple steps described in our tutorial. LEDE/OpenWRT — Restricting Network Access Based on MAC Jan 18, 2017 OpenWrt + Shared Directory (Samba) | Zidoo forum Aug 17, 2017 OpenWRT firmware vulnerability puts millions of routers

How to create user without useradd command in OpenWRT

adding DHCP server to tp-link AP I'm wondering if this is even possible; I have a TP Link RE350K access point that I've installed the latest snapshot on. By default, the single ethernet port is configured as LAN, and lacks a WAN port (as this is obviously intended to be used as an AP / repeater).

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Diantokam: OpenWRT - Proftp Server Nov 22, 2012 OpenWRT CI setup with NordVPN | NordVPN Customer Support If you have an older OpenWRT Build, you can also download an archive here: To provide credentials automatically, append the word "secret" with space to the string "auth-user-pass", so the resulting string should be "auth-user-pass secret". Create a new firewall zone and add forwarding rule from LAN to VPN: uci add firewall zone uci set Diantokam: OpenWRT - Samba Server