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SaferVPN was established in 2013 in Israel's capital Tel Aviv. Although SaferVPN provides good online security, their primary focus is to ensure freedom of expression and unblock geo-restricted entertainment sites and other online limitations. SaferVPN review and test : read this before you buy it Apr 14, 2020 SaferVPN review | Excellent encryption but slow servers

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SaferVPN Review – Scam or not? | VPN Comparison Chart 2020

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SaferVPN Review - VPNCrew SaferVPN appears to be a promising product on its official website. They showcase the facts that they have more than 700 servers, multiple protocols, Smart Wi-Fi protection and a lot more. In this review, we will see if SaferVPN stays true to its promises. We will examine all its features closely and tell how ‘safe’ it is to use ‘SaferVPN’. Safervpn Profile - IP Location Israel: Year Established: 2013: SaferVPN is one of the leading premium VPN providers, offering complete Internet freedom to over 400,000 users worldwide. We offer one of the simplest and fastest VPN services through our cutting-edge technology and seamless interface. With SaferVPN, anyone can easily access their favorite geo-restricted content SaferVPN Review 2019 - 5 Pros & 5 Con | Rating (4 out of 5) Oct 21, 2019